What is the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

We consider how the next version of the operating system will be different from the existent Windows 8.1

Windows 10 returns the Start button, adds a few desktops and adaptable interface.

The Start button returns

The largest number of complaints on Windows 8 was due to the decision to get rid of the Start button. Microsoft has been  focusing on the implementation of tile interface, assuming that users will not object to the desktop with limited functionality. It was a critical error, corrected in Windows 10.


The Start menu allows you to access applications, search for content, and contact applications and websites.

Cost of Windows 10

Windows 10 will be free for existing users of Windows 7 and Windows 8x during the first year.

Then Microsoft will be returned to the traditional one-time license. Microsoft has confirmed that users of Windows 10 will receive free updates.

Personal assistant


Microsoft Personal assistant will be building into Windows 10. Microsoft claims that the assistant will be able to provide regional specific answers to questions. Users also will be able to access the assistant at any time.

Spartan web browser


Microsoft will launch a new web browser for Windows 10, which is currently codenamed «Spartan».

It was demonstrated three key features of the browser:

  • people will be able to comment on any web page with their finger / stylus, or keyboard input;
  • Spartan will have read-only mode;
  • voice assistant will be integrated into the browser.

Windows Phone 10


The specialized version of Windows 10 will be launched for smartphones with an updated Office and other applications. Both versions will be similar in appearance and functionality to the computer.

Windows Phone 10 also has built-in Skype and other instant messaging services.

Windows 10 interface comes adaptable

Microsoft has been so much keen on touch screens, that forgot about the work on traditional computers where the keyboard and mouse has been the main way to enter information. To some extent this was corrected with the update 8.1, and finally the problem is resolved in Windows 10.

The new interface of Windows 10 will allow to adapt, depending on the hardware on which it runs. On any device from the 7-inch Windows 10 will maintain full functionality of the desktop.

If you are using a hybrid device, you will be shown the standard desktop. However, if you unplug the keyboard, the operating system will detect it and ask you to move to the tablet mode.

Multiple Desktops

Borrowed from Apple, OS X, Microsoft finally unveiled multiple desktops.

This will be easier to work on different projects simultaneously. It will be convenient for the staff, so they can keep their personal and work environment separately.

Uniform application store

Now developers can create a single application that works on all Windows devices from mobile phones to touch screens.

Large enterprises can create their own app stores for employees with the ability to set the selected open application.

Universal application

One of the main problems of tiled applications was that they could not operate as a regular program. This all changed in universal applications. They will be decorated in the same window as the program so that they can be resized, moved, deployed, collapsed and closed.

Flexible security update

Security and critical updates will continue to take place on a monthly basis.

Consumers will receive updates through Windows Update as soon as they are ready.

Microsoft also allows you to install in the first place only critical updates for applications and install updates in the future a more flexible way.

Improved multitasking

Windows 10 will use up to four applications on a single screen. The operating system will be post them on the desktop so it was convenient to work with them.

You will be able to switch between open applications using the familiar Alt + Tab. There is also a button “view tasks” to “taskbar”.You can show all open applications, rearrange them, and switch between virtual desktops by clicking on it.

Copy the command line

Experienced users are glad that copy and paste will be included in Windows 10 at a command line.


Microsoft has recently produced the normal operating systems through one. In due  time, releasing Windows Vista, which people remember with horror, and immediately after her successful Windows 7 that users liked.

The next step was Windows 8x, which users tested at their own expense and helped to make the new product. Thanks to mistakes fixes and useful innovation Windows 10 most likely will be successful.

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