How to remove password in Windows 10

The easiest way to reset the password on Windows 10. Password recovery will take only several minutes.

What to do if you forget your Windows 10 password

1. Creating a bootable USB flash drive:
First, download the ISO image from the following link: Windows-password-reset. Next, unpack the archive, insert the USB drive into your computer, and run the program “USB-set2016”.
Ones you selected device, choose ISO image called ‘res-pass’, and then click start. During installation, you will be notified that the data on the flash drive will be deleted. Therefore, ensure it does not contain important to you files.


2. Loading a password tool from your flash drive
After you have created a bootable USB drive click the Close button. Insert the flash drive into the computer that you want to reset your password. Then, go to the Bios and choose boot from USB. Ones you are done you will have to restart your computer.


During the load process you will be asked to press ‘any key’. After restart, run the program ‘Reset-pass-windows’ on your desktop.
Select the language and click Next, then select the user to whom you want to reset or change the password. In the next window, press the button ‘reset / change’.

clear-pass  pass2

Click restart to reboot the computer, and then login to the system

Possible errors during a password reset:

1. Can’t access BIOS
You can find BIOS access here.

2. Program can’t see the system disk
You need to switch the mode to UEFI Bios on Legacy BIOS (Traditional BIOS). After that, everything should work. Ones you reset the password bring everything back as it was, otherwise the system will not boot.

3. Program can’t see the accounts
This means your account was attached to the Microsoft account online. Try to recover your password by logging on to their page here

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