Should you leave the iPhone to charge overnight?

There is a common belief that charging your phone overnight will destroy the battery. Let’s check that out.

Lithium –ion battery make charging easier

Any device that uses Lithium –ion battery has a controller, and as soon as the battery is fully charged, it will switch to external power and run from that. So, no need to worry about battery being destroyed.

Modern batteries work in charge cycles. The term ‘charge cycle’ refers to complete recharges. The capacity of battery will decrease after a certain amount of recharging.

The battery designed for Iphone has 1000 charge / discharge cycles, after which it will gradually reduce its capacity. So, no matter how you charge the battery, you will not be able to extend or reduce its service life.

How to check the battery charge cycle on your iPhone?

For this you will need a program called  iBackupBot, which can be downloaded from here.

For the program to work, you must have installed iTunes. If you do not have it, you can download it here

Run iBackupBot program and click on More Information. On top of the pop-up window you will find the state of your iPhone Battery (Battery)

iBackupBot    iBackupBot-2

The following is an example of iPhone 5S battery state and its status description:

  • CycleCount274 (how many charge / discharge cycles the battery is held for the entire period of use)
  • DesignCapacity – 1550(factory capacity of a new battery)
  • FullChargeCapacity – 1500(how much remaining capacity)
  • Status: Success(works fine)
  • BatteryCurrentCapacity(battery capacity): 5
  • BatteryIsCharging: true(charge current)
  • ExternalChargeCapable: false
  • ExternalConnected: true
  • FullyCharged(the battery is not fully charged): false
  • GasGaugeCapability: True

According to these data, you can easily determine the condition of your battery. You should look for the two parameters: remaining battery capacity and the amount of recharge.

If the number of charge cycles is less than 1000 or battery capacity within the plant, you are good. If the battery capacity is reduced by more than 70 percent, you should replace the battery for normal operation of your phone.


Because the phone itself controls the process of charging, you do not need to worry about it. Charge your phone when you need to and do not wait until it is completely discharged.

Usually, the battery life is about three years, by then you will want to change your phone due to its obsolescence, not due to the battery capacity.

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