Webcame Hacking

Virtually all modern gadgets are equipped with cameras, through which you can your friends and family, but what about the hackers?

How to Stop Hackers from Watching You Through Your Webcame?

Which devices are susceptible of hacking?

• TV
• Laptop
• Tablet and Phone
• Personal computers
In all these devices, there is also a microphone, the existence of which, should not be ignored.

What are the methods of spying

1 .During the conversation, for instance on Skype, virus Messager records and transmits the image with sound to his owner.
2. Video with sound can also broadcast even when you do not use the camera.
So, if you ever see the light on your webcame when it’s not being used, you should consider to take actions. However, it is difficult to determine that you are hacked, if you are using it to communicate with someone.


How to protect yourself from hackers spying through a web camera

Download the driver only from the official manufacturer’s website or you risk to install the modified driver that can transmit your information.

User rights
Always create two users on your device. One should be admin and the other one (limited access user), you should use for every day purposes including internet search, Skype and Facebook. This way, you will be able to restrict the hacker from installing any spyware on your device.

Reliable antivirus
Because hackers connect to your camera using a virus infecting your computer, you must have installed a reliable antivirus.

Password to access the computer
Set a password to log in. Do not leave your computer unattended. Ones you are done working on your device, ensure it is powered off.

Disconnecting the Camera
Typically, when you can see activated indicator lights, you should know that the camera is on. You can turn-off the camera by going to the “Device Manager” and selecting the “Imaging Devices”.


You can also physically disconnect the camera from the computer or block it.

Who needs my information?

If you are a beautiful girl, it is unlikely that you want the network got your personal videos, peeped through a web camera.
You may think that spying on you makes no sense, but accidentally peeped a piece of your life can play a cruel joke on you in the future.
Of course, sealing the camera is not necessary, you can simply turn it off.

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